Monday, February 23, 2009

Love & Understanding

What does it really mean to be understood? Is understanding that point where someone agrees with you? Is it when they have been through what you're going through? Is it when people empathize with you? Or is understanding that point where the other person feels they need to take on full responsibility of helping you feel loved?

Lately this idea of "understanding" has been in my mind a lot. I see it everyday with conversations I have with people, friends, family. Sometimes we come to a point in life where we just want to be understood, but we're not even sure what that means. We seek for that comfort, that warmth, that need in everyone around us and end up feeling empty.

In my personal experiences I have come to understand (lol) that understanding is not found when another person agrees with you, or better said supports you. It isn't found when someone says "aww I'm sorry". Not even when they say "I know how you feel". Understanding in my life, has been found in those people who are willing to lay down their life for my own well being. Maybe not take a bullet, leave the baby home alone, and abandon work. That is just reckless living. It is when that person feels they need to do anything they can in order to help you feel like you are understood. Like you are loved. Like there is hope.

Sometimes we need that friend that will just sit there and hear us mope and cry about how horrible our lives are until we have no more tears left. Sometimes we need that person that will say nothing, but listen. Not even comment, just listen. It is through actions like these that we feel understood, understood because the other person sees the need we have for them in our lives.

It's inevitable. We were all made for each other. We need each other to survive. The simple caress of another human being helps us live longer. Everyone longs to be understood somehow. Reality is that sometimes just praying is not enough, we need to know that someone will be there. Everyone wants to have that friend, that person, that you can contact at any time and they will be living proof to you that Jesus lives. Lives within that person, within every word, every gesture, every kind act they do for you. And that is exactly what we need today, to be Jesus for each other. For that stranger on the bus, for that acquaintance in the group, for that friend in school. For everyone. It is only when we love each other that we will be able to understand each other. Love as Jesus loved. Love everyone.