Friday, June 12, 2009

Idea For a New Blog

I have this (what I would call awesome) idea for this new blog, but I want to get some feedback to see what you all think...

So it all began the other day while I was watching EWTN and they had a panel of a couple of great priests and and a consecrated lay man, I can't remember their names. They were discussing the topic of Fr. Alberto Cutie and one of the priests who was actually a friend of his, Padre Pedro said "If only the media would follow around the priests who are out there sacrificing their lives for the church instead of blowing up those who fall, the churches would be filled with people". And at the moment, the journalist in me woke up and I thought...

What a great idea! To start with something as simple as a blog, and follow/interview/tell the story of a priest who's out there (maybe even in your neighborhood!) and is "extraordinary", and even those who don't seem extraordinary, every priest has a story to tell and a lesson to teach us.

So let me know what do you guys think, any ideas, questions, comments. Your feedback helps a lot!

Much Love